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The Carlson Company provides professional laboratory testing results easily and discreetly. Scientific tests for hundreds of different substances are available by mail. Lab work routinely covers DNA testing, toxicology screening, postmortem analysis, and a nearly endless list of special substances and drugs. Professional testing offered through the Carlson Company is thorough, reliable, and cost-effective.

We realize that certified DNA and Toxicology lab testing is an important service that many of our clients do not deal with on a daily basis and may not quite understand. Therefore, we always welcome your testing questions by phone or email on a no obligation basis. Our goal is to help you understand lab testing so that you can make an informed testing decision to meet your specific needs.

Our test results are often used for determining infidelity in a relationship or for screening for the presence of drugs frequently used in date rape. The Carlson Company offers postmortem testing of blood, hair, organ tissue, or other human remains or ashes. This is used to determine the presence of certain drugs or toxins. Postmortem tests, particularly of ashes (cremated remans), are also used for DNA testing for a variety of personal and legal reasons.

You can get started quickly and easily by downloading our Private Testing Order Form right here. Of course, we welcome you calls, too. (719) 531-6666

When Should I Submit a Chain of Custody Form?

Establishing Chain of Custody helps you verify the origin of your test sample. You will be asked to name a witness to your test sample collection plus a picture to be taken while the test sample is collected. The Chain of Custody form helps you generate potential, written, legal evidence if needed.

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