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If you could ask the deceased in your local cemetery to indicate by raising their right hand that their death was caused by poisoning you would be shocked by the number of right hands raised. Ever wondered about their official cause of death stated on their Death Certificate? Poisoning victims do not usually know they are being poisoned.  Approximately 800 intentional poisonings are committed per day in our society, some minor, some major, some deadly. Do you suspect that you, a loved one, or perhaps a friend, may be a victim of unknown poisoning?

The perpetrator may still be about thinking they have gotten away with something. You need to call now. 

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Google Language Translation Link We realize that certified lab testing for DNA and Toxicology are very important services that most of our clients do not deal with on a daily basis and may not quite understand. Toxicology and DNA testing is not customarily offered by doctors or hospitals. We always welcome your Toxicology and DNA testing questions by phone or email. Our testing suggestions and recommendations  are provided to you on a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, basis; you decide which testing evaluation best meets your needs. Our goal is to help you understand lab testing and its benefits so that you can make an informed testing and purchasing decision while meeting your specific needs. Looking for vaginal implant testing? A Chain of Custody or Private Testing form must be submitted with your test sample, your choice. Links for these forms are shown to the left. When should I submit a Chain of Custody Form with my test sample ? Submitting a Chain of Custody form helps you verify the origin of your test sample. You will be asked to name a witness to your test sample collection plus taking a digital picture or two, one to accompany your test sample and one for your records to be taken while the test sample collection is in progress. The Chain of Custody form helps you generate potential, written, forensic (legal) evidence should you have the need. Keep in mind that you can not generate forensic Chain of Custody later, the time is now. A completed form should accompany your test sample. Collect a test sample and we’ll test your sample according to your requested evaluation. Ship us your sample and we’ll place your sample on the daily (12-14 business day turnaround estimated) schedule or express service (6-7 business day turnaround estimated) schedule.  Sample testing is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Keep in mind that occasionally a test rerun of your test sample may be required to insure our accuracy. You will not be charged for this rerun but additional time will be required. Our lab operates on a M-F schedule being closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The Carlson Company offers professional laboratory testing services that are E-Z to order from the privacy of your office or home. Scientific tests for hundreds of different substances are available by mail, worldwide. Lab testing might include DNA testing for identity or infidelity, toxicology testing for toxins, poisons, heavy metals, unknowns, plus drugs, polypropylenemesh implants, and more, we test them all. We also test postmortem autopsy tissue samples. We can test cremains (ashes). We can test exhumed samples e.g. hair. nails, and bones. We offer testing for an almost endless list of special substances and drugs depending on your  testing needs including food and drinks. Professional testing services offered by the Carlson Company are certified, credentialed, and court supportable when submitting a completed Chain of Custody form with your test sample. You can create potential forensic evidence (court supportable) for your future use should you have the need. You can get started quickly and easily by downloading the testing form that meets your personal needs. Order Form right here. Of course, we welcome your calls and emails. Our testing protocols and resulting test report can be used for determining infidelity in a relationship or for screening for the presence of drugs frequently used in date rape. The Carlson Company offers postmortem testing for autopsy including blood, hair, organ tissue, or other human remains. We also test and evaluate ashes (cremated remains), for DNA and toxins or poisons. Postmortem testing can be conducted for a variety of personal and legal reasons including your mental closure and peace of mind knowing that you have done all you can referencing exposing the cause of death for the deceased if not resulting from natural causes.

How do I pay for my requested testing services? Looking for vaginal implant testing? Testing fees are not posted on this website. Please send an email or call our toll free number and we’ll be glad to discuss your testing needs and testing fees. Payment for your testing services is due either prior to or with your submitted test sample. We do not accept insurance. We  will gladly accept you personal or corporate check, your certified check, or money order.  We do accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards. We do not accept American Express.Click any of the credit card logos on our website to download a credit card payment form or call us at 1-866-889-3410 with your credit card information. Please note that all credit card payments are subject to a 5% service fee. Please keep this in mind before you choose  your mode of payment.  A receipt will be emailed to the credit card submitter. If you have any questions, please call us today. 1-866-889-3410 toll free or send us an email.
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