Laboratory Tests and Policies

Laboratory Tests and Policies

The certified laboratory test report you will receive from The Carlson Company is your assurance of privacy, accuracy, and reliability. Your testing report will provide information regarding toxins, poisons, heavy metals, or other detections depending on your testing needs.

We do not report non-detected items even though we have evaluated many, many, possibilities.  We reference international spectral databases that provide spectral values, identity, which we compare against your test sample. There would be no purpose in providing a lengthy list of database items that we evaluated for but did not find a detection or match. Please keep in mind that accuracy is always our testing goal. We do not conduct any test with the hope of meeting your suspicions or guesses regarding test sample detections. Our testing is neutral without injecting for drawn conclusions. Our position is always neutral and the sample you submit is the controlling device for our detections resulting in a certified test report of our detected finding which you receive.

Yes, you can start your testing needs easily and quickly right here online with our easy-to-use download order forms.

Please review these form links shown in the left margin of each page. The Carlson Company prides itself on providing a live person to answer your questions, ensure you are getting the right test, and help you get started fast. Just call 866-889-3410 or 719-531-6666 to get personal, confidential, assistance. Should you find our phone lines busy please leave a voice mail or send an email. We will reply A.S.A.P.

The best assessment of the unique service and support provided by The Carlson Company are the hundreds of satisfied customers who have used The Carlson Company services over the years. Many of them are repeat and referral customers. Take a look at the generous comments provided by some of The Carlson Company customers right here: Customer Comments

We offer testing services, premortem, and postmortem, for the science of toxicology including toxins, poisons, heavy metals, cremains, and unknowns.

We also offer DNA testing services and Postmortem toxicology.

Check out the full listing of our tests in the green drop-down button to the left: Additional Tests. If you have a question, please call. 866-889-3410 or 719-531-6666 International.

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