Forensics DNA Testing

The Carlson Company offers a wide verity of Forensics DNA Analysis, DNA Comparison and Specimen Matching using biological and non -biological samples.

Our DNA services have solved some of the most unusual cases of infidelity, DNA matching in non biological samples, DNA analysis  in paternity, maternity, Siblings, etc.. and Postmortem DNA Profiling.

We can also help solve cases of infidelity in a way that is scientific using Genetics/DNA testing. Our infidelity tests enable our clients to have a range of forensic samples analyzed using the most advanced DNA Analysis methods currently available.

Your DNA test needs should be conducted by our certified DNA laboratory , not by using litmus paper or an in-home infidelity test kit. Isn’t this all about the relationship you share with your sexual partner, your mate, or your lover? Considering that your relationship may be at stake,  its important to secure the very best certified infidelity lab testing information available. Are you ready to find answers to your uncertainty?

Below is a list of Forensics DNA Testing that we offer:

Forensics Relationship DNA Testing

Forensic DNA Relationship testing is often used in criminal situations such as rape or incest where there are products of conception. In addition, forensic paternity/maternity tests, as well as other family relationship tests, could be used to identify missing victims or suspects through their family members who are available for testing.

Forensic Paternity  Test Alleged Father and Child  (with or without other).  If a mother is added to an inconclusive paternity test,  an  “additional person” fee will be charged.
Maternity  Test Alleged  Mother  and  Child  (with  or  without father)
Avuncular  Test Alleged  Aunt  or  Uncle,  Child  (with  or  without mother)
Grandparentage  Test 1  Alleged  Grandparent,  Child  (with  or  without mother)
Missing  Parent Both  Grandparents,  Child  (with  or  without mother)
Siblingship 2  Siblings  and  1  Mother
Twin  Zygosity  Test Determine  if  identical  or  fraternal  twins
Prenatal  (Amnio/CVS) Unborn  Child,  Alleged  Father  &  Mother  (Special Kit)
Y-STR  Test Comparison of 2 males to determine if a  common paternal lineage is shared.  For Legal cases,  this must be performed in addition to autosomal relationship testing.


Infidelity DNA Testing

We offer confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable Infidelity DNA Test services.

Infidelity/Human  Identity Match  (Non-Criminal)  Evidence Sample Evidence  Sample  (for  example underwear,  sheet swatch,  etc.)
Standard  Reference  Sample Buccal swab/FTA  Card.
Non-Standard  Reference Sample Basic  non-standard  sample  (for  example toothbrush,  razor,  etc.)
Semen/Sperm  Analysis Testing  for  the  presence  of  semen  (per  tested spot)

Stain Identification: Saliva, Semen, Blood, Urine or Sperm RSID™ or SPERM HY-LITER™ Detection of saliva, semen, blood, urine or sperm.
Legal/Criminal  Forensics Call  for  Pricing


Specimen Matching and DNA Genetics Consulting

Specimen matching can be used in various DNA comparison scenarios, such as the following examples.

Genetic  Counseling Up  to  30  min  phone  consultation  (used  before and/or  after  a  genetic  predisposition  test)
Nutritional Counseling Up  to  30  min  phone  consultation  (used  after  a micronutrient  or other lab tests for  nutritional analysis)
Legal  Conversion Informational  test  converted  to  legal  test  after the original  result
Outside  Lab Casework Comparison A single profile completed at another lab to compare to a new profile generated at Alliance. New test charges will apply
Closed  Casework Comparison Comparing  a  new  sample  to  a  previously  profiled sample  (price  per the report  in  addition  to  test  price)
Additional  Report Any  new  report  (Statistical  Analysis)  from existing  samples
Archive  Retrieval Fee Comparing a profile from a case that was closed 1 year or greater to any new sample or existing profile.


Ancestral Origins Discovery

Ancestral  Origins  Genesis Geogenetic links with populations from around the world.  Includes  printed  map  (11″  x  17″)  &  9 pg.  report
Ancestral  Origins  Genesis Premium Geogenetic links with populations from around the world.  Includes  XL  map  (17″  x  27″)  &  9  pg report
Ancestral  Origins Discovery Percentage  report,  region  definitions, one-page profile
Ancestral  Origins Complete Origins-  Genesis Premium and Origins-  Discovery tests combined.  XL  map and percentage report.
Profile  Only The case is one person, electronic report only.
DNA  Art The case is  one  person,  digital  image  only,  from existing  DNA  Profile
GX  Slim  (Weight Management) Health and wellness testing.  It provides diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype.  Special kit required.  Discount  offered on  Multiple  GX  tests  ordered  (Call)
GX  Perform  (Athletic Performance) health and activity performance improvement program based on your genetic profile.  Special kit required.  Discount  offered  on  Multiple  GX tests  ordered  (Call)
GX  Renew  (Healthy  Aging Program) Provides nutrient,  food, activity and lifestyle recommendations to keep you looking and feeling young longer. Special kit required. Discount  offered  on  Multiple  GX  tests  ordered (Call)
GX  Nutrient Predisposition Analysis) Provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic predisposition to absorbing micronutrients in your diet.  Special kit required. Discount  offered  on  Multiple  GX  tests  ordered (Call)


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