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Poisons and Toxins Testing

The Carlson Company offers high Quality & Professional Poison Test & Toxin Analysis with Forensic expe...

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Post Mortem Forensic Toxicology Test

We are the leading provider of postmortem toxicology testing services. Having more than 18 years of experience...

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Forensics DNA Testing

The Carlson Company offers a wide verity of Forensics DNA Analysis, DNA Comparison and Specimen Matching using...


Date Rape Drugs Test

The Carlson Company offers certified toxicology lab testing for Date Rape Drugs (37) plus DFSA (Drug Facilitat...

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Comprehensive Drugs Test Panels

The Carlson Company Drugs Testing Services in the drug and alcohol testing industry relies on innovative multi...

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Food and Water or Unknown Substance Poison Detection

Our Food, Water or Unknown Substance Poison Detection lab testing detected poisons, chemicals, Toxins, Drugs,...


Resources & Information

These health resources & information provided to help patients and caregivers make safe work practices.


Toxicology test

How does the toxicology lab test help determine the cause of death?

If a death of a loved one appears to be suspicion or you simply disagree with the cause of death and want a second opinion from a ...

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How do Poisons or Toxins enter the body?

Toxic materials and poisonous substances are all around us. From environmental poisons contaminating our food and water sources to...

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Testing for Chemicals and Toxins

Do you feel safe from poisons? Chemicals and toxins that are harmful to the human body are everywhere. Whether exposure to harmfu...