About Us

About Us

The Carlson Company Inc- Private Lab Testing‎

The Carlson Company is a Forensics Toxicology and DNA Diagnostics Company, that offers Lab testing Worldwide. Get started with your Toxicology and DNA needs by calling us for a free case evaluation and recommendation today. We test suspicious stains related to infidelity for the presence of the other woman or man, e.g. Blood, vaginal fluid, hair, DNA, semen, sperm, seminal fluid, saliva, condoms, and cosmetics.

Something to think about concerning condom usage and DNA traces. Sexual copulation, oral, and even manual manipulation of the penis can often leave traces of female saliva and or skin cells on the penis which can be transferred to the men’s underwear. This possibility would also be true for female digital or oral stimulation of the man. The female can experience fluid backflow containing seminal fluid (with or without sperm cells as in a Vasectomy), male saliva, and male skin cells. Both scenarios can offer potential DNA evidence before or after the use of a condom). Additionally, condoms can leak, break or slip off during sexual activity.


We are ready to serve you NOW! We test suspicious intimate stains, clothing, panties, thongs, underwear, bras, sex aids, hair, condoms, vibrators, pubic hair, restraints, bedding items and for the genetic DNA presence of a woman or man. The testing and sample choice are always yours.

Protecting our client’s privacy is our mandate!

  • We are members of the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Many of our clients are private individuals, but we also serve law enforcement, attorneys, the military, medical examiners, the government, fortune 500 companies, and anyone in need of Toxicology or DNA testing services.
  • We do not require a doctor’s referral or prescription.
  • We test samples from other labs if requested
  • Your test samples can be submitted by mail from anywhere in the world
  • 12-14 business days or so report turnaround time, most cases, with express service available. Express service reduces your test report waiting time to 6-7 working days.
  • PhD. Expert Witness support is available when requested.
  • “Cutting Edge” DNA and Toxicology evaluations
  • FREE real person client care by email or phone M-T 9 AM – 5 PM MST
  • We check our emails and voice messages on a regular basis
  • E-Z, private, sample submission by mail
  • Protecting our client’s privacy is our mandate
  • Use an anonymous name if you wish

Test reports are court-supportable evidence when using strict Chain of Custody sample submission procedures.