Drugs Test Panels

Comprehensive Drugs Test Panels

The Carlson Company Drugs Testing Services in the drug and alcohol testing industry relies on innovative multiplex drug and alcohol screening methods as well as LC/GC mass spectrometry confirmatory analysis.

Our complete service guarantees accurate and reliable results for our customers. The drugs Testing technology has changed the way we think about drugs of abuse testing; allowing us to test for up to 106 analytes from Hair, Urine or Blood on any non-biological sample. Not only are the results highly accurate and reliable, but are also extremely cost-effective

Specialty Drug Testing Panels:

Custom Drugs Test panels available upon request, Please contact us with any questions.

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  • We do not require a doctor’s referral or prescription
  • We are members of the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Ph.D. Expert Witness support is available when requested
  • The Carlson Company Inc. is not affiliated with any government or law enforcement agency. Protecting our clients’ privacy is our mandate
  • Many of our clients are private individuals but we also serve law enforcement, attorneys, the military, medical examiners, the government, mortuaries, and crematoriums, anyone in need of our services
  • Your test samples can be submitted by mail from anywhere in the world using our Chain Of Custody Process.
  • 10-12 business day test report turnaround time most cases with express service available
  • We test autopsy private drug testing samples from other labs. When can also evaluate hair strand samples collected from the deceased including their hairbrush.
  • We are a proud member of DATIA

The Carlson Company offers a wide verity of Drugs Test Panels. Our Panels test for Street Drugs, Date Drugs, Predator Drugs, Recreational Drugs, Inhalants, Sexual Assault Drugs, Club Drugs, Abuse Drugs, and more.