Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody Definition

Chain of Custody defined is the unbroken trail of accountability that ensures the physical security of samples, data, pictures, and records that may have potential as forensic legal evidence. Be sure to have at least one witness, two if you prefer, attest to the date and time of your sample collection by signing off on the CC form below.

We recommend that you take at least one digital time/date stamp picture while the sample collection is in progress clearly showing the face of the test sample donor and/or submitter. Do not submit evidence pictures related to urine samples which include the genitals in a picture but submitting a picture depicting the genital proximity as representative of a urine sample collection will suffice.

Chain of Custody Form

The Chain of Custody form requests the name of a witness who will provide their name, date, and time on your test sample seal. You should also provide a date/time stamped picture showing your face as the test sample donor for identity purposes. Submitting a completed Chain of Custody form is a method of establishing a paper trail of potential forensic evidence should you choose to move forward with a civil or criminal suit against a perpetrator. 

  • The identity and signature of each person who handled the evidence and their authority to do so.
  • How long the evidence was in the possession of each person who handled it.
  • How the evidence was transferred each time it changed hands.

This form is not mandatory although highly recommended and does not increase your testing fee but is essential in supporting the origin of your test sample, the choice is yours. The Chain of Custody form helps you generate potential, written, forensic (legal) evidence should you have the need. Keep in mind that you can not generate a forensic chain of Custody later, the time is now. A completed form should accompany your test sample.

Introduction to the printable Chain of Custody Form.
  • How do I support the origin of my test sample should I wish to provide potential forensic evidence submittable to a court of law?
  • Why should I submit a completed Chain of Custody form?

When should I submit a Chain of Custody Form with my test sample?

Submitting a Chain of Custody form helps you verify the origin of your test sample. You will be asked to name a witness to your test sample collection plus taking a digital picture or two, one to accompany your test sample and one for your records to be taken while the test sample collection is in progress. 

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Please send a copy of your sample collection picture or video with your test sample.

A CD/DVD digital recording is also acceptable. Your picture can be worth a thousand words. Your picture identity, taken while your sample collection is in progress with a time and date stamp digital camera or video, can also be essential forensic evidence if you choose to proceed with a civil or criminal case in a court of law. Any decision to move forward with a legal suit is your decision alone.

Sample collection and submission ( MUST READ)


Please submit either a completed Chain of Custody or Private test sample submission form with your test sample. The Chain of Custody form is court supportable, the Non-Chain of Custody or Private Submission form is not court supportable, your choice