synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic Cannabinoids Panel

We offer a Synthetic Cannabinoid 16 Test Panel*as shown below, We also offer to stand alone testing for the presence of any of the Cannabinoids also called (“fake pot”) listed below

JWH-018* JWH-019 JWH-200 JWH-081 HU-308 HU-211 C8-Homolog CP-490
JWH-015 J WH-073 JWH-250 JWH-251 HU-210 CP47, 497 Salvinorina CP-55


K2, Spice, or? Incense – Known brand names that may contain synthetic Cannabinoids *JWH – Dr.John W. Huffman, a researcher at Clemson University who first experimented and the synthesized the compound known as JWH 18.

Common myths associated with synthetic Marijuana
  • These herbal products are natural
  • They are not harmful or toxic
  • Suitable for use by humans

Synthetic Cannabinoids List

Below is a partial list of synthetic cannabinoids that have been used illicitly or may have the potential for illicit use in the future.

  • JWH-015
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073
  • JWH-081
  • JWH-133
  • JWH-200
  • JWH-250
  • JWH-398
  • CP 47,497
  • CP 55,244
  • CP 55,940
  • HU-210
  • HU-211
  • WIN 55,212-2

Products that may contain or have been previously found to contain Synthetic Cannabinoids: (It should be noted that the speed of innovation in this area means that any list of products is likely to become quickly outdated.)

  • Spice Smoke Blend
  • K2
  • Genie
  • Yucatan Fire
  • Skunk
  • Sence
  • Smoke
  • ChillX
  • Highdi™s Almdrhner
  • Earth Impact
  • Gorillaz
  • Galaxy Gold
  • Space Truckin
  • Solar Flare
  • Moon Rocks
  • Blue Lotus
  • Aroma
  • Scope
  • Sky
  • OG Potpourri
Medications found to contain synthetic Cannabinoids:
  • Dronabinol (Marinol)
  • Nabilone (Cesamet)
  • Sativex
  • Rimonabant (SR141716/Acomplia)