Is Your Partner Cheating On You? Find Out With An Infidelity Test

Is Your Partner Cheating On You? Find Out With An Infidelity Test

Do you feel like your partner is cheating on you? Maybe you’ve spent many restless nights thinking about their unusual behaviour or have seen some stains on their clothes/car enough to bother you. Do not let anyone serve you with cheating in lieu of your loyalty. Confront your partner as soon as possible with forensic infidelity tests.

What Is An Infidelity Test?

An infidelity test uses DNA, sperm or semen samples to give genetic results of the person cheating on you or any third person involved. Any infidelity test requires you to provide at least one DNA sample – like clothes, bedsheets, toothbrushes, car cushions, underpants, condoms, etc. DNA testing is the most accurate way of finding out about an extramarital affair or cheating.

How Does Infidelity Test Work?

As science has advanced, even infidelity cannot be hidden for very long. Based on the DNA or sperm/semen samples, one can quickly tell that the person in question was or was not involved in unethical sexual activity. Using the samples given by you, the lab technician will first confirm the presence of a male/female DNA on the item under question. Once the DNA is detected, comprehensive DNA analysis can determine the source of the DNA as well. Semen test, although not as effective as the DNA test, is most common to rule out a sample from further questioning.

Three types of infidelity tests occur at any professional laboratory:

    1. Donor Identification Test: A comprehensive testing method in which two DNA samples (one: on the item and the other on the person in question) are taken to find the match between them. The test clears all the doubts about one’s presence in the scenario.


    1. Gender Profile Testing: As the name suggests, Gender Profile Testing examines a DNA sample to ensure the DNA is of a male or a female. Under certain circumstances, this is another way to rule out the presence of a person on the spot.


    1. Human/non-human Testing: The DNA test is to make sure whether or not the sample contains any human genetic material or no genetic material at all.

What Do You Need For An Infidelity DNA Testing?

There are three major components you need to prove infidelity.

    • Item In Question – used condom, bedsheets, shirt, undergarments, etc.


    • DNA sample of the person in question – to confirm that the DNA on that item matches the DNA of your partner, you need to get the trimmed nails and hair follicles or used dental floss.


    • Sample Of Your DNA (Conditional) – There are various ways in which infidelity can be detected. You can give your DNA sample, preferably a Buccal swab, to rule you out as the source of DNA.


How Fast Are DNA Results?

The course of testing depends on the sample provided and the laboratory conducting the tests. Laboratories with the most efficient tech stack can provide you with the results in two working days so that you do not have to live in worry for long.

Tests By Carlson Company

The Carlson Company is a certified DNA testing laboratory with advanced technology. We do not rely on litmus or in-home infidelity tests, which may not show accurate findings. As your relationship with your partner is at stake, the Carlson Company provides you with the most accurate DNA results while keeping your identity and other sensitive information entirely confidential. With the most latest and advanced technology Carlson occupies, we offer you the flexibility of forensic samples to increase the probability of you finding infidelity from your partner as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, infidelity has become common in every corner of the world. As you cannot watch your partner 24/7, the possibility is that they are cheating on you with someone else. A simple infidelity test can save you from a wrecked marriage or relationship. No matter how deep the feelings are, there is still no reason why one must take cheating as a return for loyalty in a relationship.