DNA Sample Collection

Collecting a Cotton Q-Tip Reference DNA Sample

This type of DNA sample collection can be used for most situations that may require a DNA reference sample, e.g. infidelity, paternity, post mortem samples, forensic (court applicable) with Chain of Custody and others.

The preferred form of a reference sample is buccal (buccal is Latin for cheek) or oral swab. Buccal cells are found inside the mouth lining the cheek pocket and cheek interior tissue. Buccal cell samples are easy to collect and buccal cells are a reliable source of DNA.

Know More About Buccal Swab.

Using four (4) cotton Q-Tips which you probably have in your home proceed by swabbing the four (4) oral (mouth) cheek pockets. The cheek pocket can be found at the rear of the mouth near the jaw bone where the outside of the gum line meets the inside of the cheek tissue.

A cheek pocket is also a place where often food may collect during chewing. You will notice that there are two (2) lower cheek pockets, right and left plus two (2) upper cheek pockets, right and left. Swab each pocket location with a cotton Q-Tip using slight pressure rotates 6-8 times. Then allow all four (4) Q-Tips to air dry for 30-45 minutes. Place all four (4) buccal Q-Tips into a clean envelope, seal shut, and label the envelope with your name and the remark, “DNA reference sample.” Please submit these samples with your infidelity testing form and test sample.