DNA Testing on Cremated Remains

Cremation Ashes Testing

Certified lab testing evaluations using cremation ashes or cremains are possible and available. The decision to order any lab testing, including cremains, is your decision. 

If the cremation process was conducted as it should be testing the cremains with any detection success can be a long shot which is controlled by the integrity of the cremains test sample. The question is, was the cremation process conducted properly?

Surely you or we do not know. If you do not have any other test samples available from the deceased we recommend that you proceed with a cremains testing evaluation as a sample of last resort to help bring closure to your uncertainty. By conducting cremains testing you will know that you have done all you can referencing Toxicology or DNA lab testing for the deceased and move on with your life. Never assume that the cremation process is 100% efficient.

The mortician or crematory will tell you they always are. The decision to test the cremains is yours. Always remember that the loss of a family member, relative, or friend causes you to bestow a huge element of trust in those who care for the deceased, your mortician, mortuary, and/or crematorium. We are not saying that all professionals engaged in these services are not reputable or responsible but that a few maybe.

It is their job and responsibility to see that the deceased is properly cared for through embalming and/or cremation. They are also responsible to make sure that the cremains they deliver to you are in fact, those of your beloved deceased and not someone else. We have been a party to sorting out cremains mix-ups. As you can imagine not all systems are perfect. You hope for respect and loving care for your family member or friend.

We offer cremains (ashes) testing to detect DNA, toxins, poisons test, heavy metals, organic or inorganic materials, and drug materials. Relating to therapeutics, the branch of medicine that is concerned specifically with the treatment of disease. The therapeutic dose of a drug is the amount needed to treat a disease.

The cremains can be evaluated for the presence of organic material. Why? Because occasionally a question arises as to what the delivered cremains actually are. Are they human, organic, inorganic or otherwise?

We recommend testing the cremains when they are the test sample of last resort, nothing else remains. We will review other testing sample options that you may have available when we speak to you. Something to think about, your friend or loved one who preceded you in death may be crying out for your help. They certainly can not help themselves if some type of foul play is the cause of their passing.

How would you feel knowing that you made no effort to test and evaluate their cremains for signs of foul play if their passing is suspect?

Chain of Custody form and Cremains Acknowledgement form – Please submit both of these printable forms completed with your cremains test sample. Other potential test samples you should consider e.g. hospital, hospice, assisted care facility and/or autopsy (Medical Examiner) samples including blood, urine, or biopsy tissue. Memorial or remembrance hair strand samples collected by family members and/or friends of the deceased. We are here to discuss your cremains testing needs and to answer your questions.

Cremains Process

The cremation process is assumed to be 100% efficient when properly conducted. Any cremains sample can be subjected to testing in search of DNA, organic materials, or toxicology properties related to the detection of toxins, poisons, heavy metals, organic material, and unknowns.

If you or your family have no other valid test sample belonging to the deceased to evaluate and you wish to act on behalf of the deceased to bring closure to any suspicions regarding their identity or cause of their passing then, by all means, proceed with cremains testing and bring closure to the matter. We are certain that you do not want to leave any stone unturned regarding the identity of the deceased or perhaps their cause of death.

Cremains testing should be done to determine if the cremains contain signs of organic (former living) material, to extract for a DNA profile, or to test for heavy metals (poisons) and organic chemicals and toxins can be conducted.

Download from here: Cremains Acknowledgement Form

An urn of some type containing what appears to be ashes or cremains may be suspect as to the actual contents. We can examine the cremains and determine if, in fact, they are representative of organic human ashes. We have seen cremains samples that did not contain any sign of former living material. We have evaluated cremains samples where the remains were not human, in fact, not much more than a combination of sand, dirt, or limestone.

We will be more than glad to accept the cremains sample from you, with or without the urn or metal cube and then proceed with harvesting a test sample. Yes, the balance of the cremains will be returned to you following the release of our final test report. Do not be concerned since we realize that the cremains represents your friend or loved one therefore the cremains will be handled with the utmost degree of respect.