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World Wide Lab Testing -DNA- Toxins, Poisons, Heavy Metals, Unknowns


If the deceased could raise their right hand

If you could ask the deceased in your local cemetery to indicate by raising their right hand as an indication that their death was caused by poisoning you would be shocked by the number of right hands raised. Ever wondered what their death certificate showed as their official cause of death? There are approximately 800 intentional poisonings per day committed in our society, some minor, some major, some fatal. Do you suspect that you, a loved one, or perhaps a friend may be a victim of unknown poisoning? The perpetrator may still be about.

Profile of a typical poisoner
Based on over 5000 years of forensic case studies w.
Caucasian; male; average to above average intelligence; underachiever; inadequate personality; non-athletic; cowardly; neat and orderly; meticulous; loner; careful planner; and non confrontational (either physically or psychologically).

You need to call now. 866-889-3410 (Toll Free) or Contact us by email. We offer by mail, private, worldwide, professional, laboratory testing services related to the sciences of DNA and Toxicology.

We realize that certified DNA and Toxicology lab testing services can be an important service you need. Many of our potential and current clients do not deal with lab testing on a daily basis and may not quite understand. We will be glad to discuss your testing needs with no obligation.

Valid test samples might include scalp hair strands, buccal DNA swabs, hair follicles (DNA) head hair, blood, urine, drugs, saliva, cremains (ashes), unknowns, alleged liquid or solid poisons, suspicious stains ( infidelity) male or female genital deposits, finger and toe nails, body hair, pet hair, vomitus, exhumation samples, excretions, feces, PM tissue (autopsy) and more. Our client’s can submit their test samples by USPS, UPS, FedEx., or by international carriers. What could be easier? We always welcome your testing inquiries by phone or email on a no obligation basis. Our goal is to help you understand lab testing so that you can make an informed testing decision that meets your specific testing needs.

  • Certified lab testing needs might include lab testing for yourself, a family member, a loved one, a friend, or a pet.
  • A doctor’s prescription is not required to use and benefit from our worldwide testing services
  • Test samples by default are handled on a first come, first serve basis. The volume of incoming tests can very from week to week. Our goal is to generate your test report A.S.A.P while maintaining a high degree of accuracy you expect. Your patience is appreciated. Express Service (estimated 6-7 day turnaround service) is available if you are willing to pay an additional (50%) testing fee. The decision is yours.

The minimum, acceptable, hair strand sample for testing is a group of hair strands at least the diameter of a pencil when held between your finger and thumb, at least a quarter of an inch or so. Collecting hair strand test samples is a non-invasive procedure therefore no licensing is required. Collect your strand sample at the skin or scalp level, HAIR ROOTS or FOLLICLES are not required. Full length hair samples are strongly recommended with the skin or scalp end tightly foiled for chronology identification and shipping. Questions, call us at 866-889-3410. If your test sample is not adequate you will be required to send more.

DNADNA – The determination of genetic relationship through a DNA extraction and reference sample comparison e.g. paternity, maternity, sibling-ship, forensic crime evaluation, infidelity, postmortem tissue, cremains (ashes) and more.


Toxicology – Testing for the presence of drugs, toxins, poisons, heavy metals, or unknowns, e.g. Arsenic, Anti-Freeze, Tetracycline (eye drops) Cyanide, Strychnine, rodent poisons, herbacides, pesticides, and many others.

Emails and voice-mails welcome 24/7seven days a week including holidays.

Our client privacy guarantee
We will not release your name, address, email, phone number, or your certified test report to anyone unless you instruct us to do so with your written permission. If you have questions?

We are ready to serve you NOW! Our services are available worldwide.

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Why you should use the Carlson Company for all of your DNA and Toxicology testing needs

FREE real person client care by contact form or phone, 866-889-3410 toll free.

  • Protecting our clients privacy is our mandate
  • We are members of the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Many of our clients are private individuals but we also serve law enforcement, attorneys, the military, medical examiners, the government, fortune 500 companies, anyone in need of toxicology or DNA testing services.
  • We do not require a doctor’s referral or prescription
  • We test samples from other labs if requested
  • Your test samples can be submitted by mail from any where in the world
  • Two business weeks or so report turnaround time, most cases, with express service available
  • Ph.D. Expert Witness support is available when requested (additional charges apply)
  • “Cutting Edge” DNA and Toxicology evaluations
  • Test reports are court supportable evidence using strict Chain of Custody sample submission procedures.
  • Testing fees are not published due to the expansive number of standard and unique DNA and Toxicology tests that we offer. Click our contact form and submit your testing fee request or testing questions in general which are always welcome.
  • If you need DNA or poison testing call bus, we can help by answering your questions without any obligation.

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