GC-MS Testing: Unveiling the Truth behind Unknown Substances

GC-MS Testing

Have you ever found yourself concerned about drug abuse or the presence of unknown substances that could potentially harm you or your loved ones? At The Carlson Company, we understand the importance of peace of mind and the need to identify and analyze these substances accurately. That’s why we offer GC-MS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) testing services specifically designed to detect and analyze unknown substances, providing you with the answers you seek. In this blog post, we will explore two types of analysis available—Unknown Substance Analysis and Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis—and how they can help address your concerns effectively.

Unknown Substance Analysis: Shedding Light on Suspicion

Do you suspect drug abuse, encounter suspicious pills, or come across unidentified powders or substances? Our Unknown Substance Analysis is the ideal solution for unveiling the truth. By employing cutting-edge GC-MS technology, we can screen and identify various classes of chemicals, toxins, and drugs, including prescription medications, illegal substances, and over-the-counter medications. Whether its food suspected of being poisoned or a drink potentially tainted with harmful substances, our analysis can provide accurate results. With just a small sample, such as food, beverage, powder, liquid, gel, soil, or water, we can determine the presence of any substances.

Typically, test results are available within 10-12 business days, ensuring you receive timely answers to address your concerns. Our Unknown Substance Analysis is suitable for individuals suspecting drug abuse, seeking to identify an unknown substance, or needing clarification about suspected drugging incidents. Whether it’s a personal matter or a concern for someone you care about, our analysis provides the information you need to make informed decisions.

Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis: Unveiling Hidden Dangers

Have you ever wondered if you or a loved one has been intentionally or unknowingly poisoned? Our Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis can shed light on potential dangers. This comprehensive analysis screens for and identifies the presence of over 1000 common chemicals, poisons, and toxic substances. It covers frequently used pesticides, organic chemicals, painting and cleaning products, as well as hygiene-related items.

However, please note that heavy metal testing is not included in this analysis. By undergoing our Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis, you can alleviate concerns, embark on a path towards improved health, and potentially even save lives. Obtaining the necessary answers is crucial, and our analysis is here to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Conclusion: Seeking Clarity through GC-MS Testing

At The Carlson Company, we understand the importance of clarity when it comes to unknown substances. Our GC-MS testing services offer a reliable and accurate method for identifying and analyzing substances, addressing suspicions of drug abuse, and uncovering potential poisoning incidents. Whether it’s the Unknown Substance Analysis or Unknown Poisons and Toxins Analysis, our experienced team utilises state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the answers you need. Take control of your concerns, protect your loved ones, or ensure the safety of your organization with the help of our GC-MS testing services.

Ready to uncover the truth? Schedule your analysis today, request a free consultation, or explore our comprehensive resources to learn more. Knowledge is power, and The Carlson Company is here to empower you with reliable GC-MS testing services. Contact us now and gain the peace of mind you deserve.