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How do Poisons or Toxins enter the body?

Toxic materials and poisonous substances are all around us. From environmental poisons contaminating our food and water sources to toxins in our medications, we are all exposed to toxins. There are numerous ways for toxins to enter our bodies. Toxins can be absorbed by the skin in situations involving direct contact with a toxic substance. Toxins can also be inhaled through the lungs and then taken directly into the blood supply.

Additionally, toxins can be ingested via food or beverage, and be absorbed by the gut. Poisons and toxins are near impossible to avoid unless we exercise caution by understanding the sources of our food and water, consider the chemicals in our medications, and avoid areas involved in environmental toxin exposure.

What are toxic materials?

Any chemical that is harmful to the human body is considered to be a toxin. There is no end to the various sources of toxins in our use of everyday items such as household cleaners, deodorants, toothpaste, pesticides (bug and rodent killer), herbicides (weed killer), laundry detergents, and medication” the list is immense! Any source of chemical toxins can be harmful to the human body, but some of these toxins can even be lethal at certain levels.

What Effects Come from Toxic Exposures?

Most exposures normally occur through inhalation, skin or eye contact, and ingestion, we will focus only on Inhalation and Ingestion.

  1. Inhalation is a common risk when a poison, gas, or chemical can be inhaled into the lungs and eventually transported into the bloodstream where the toxin can damage everywhere in the body that receives the toxic blood. Smoking tobacco is the most common source of toxic exposure via inhalation.
  2. Ingestion by swallowing poisons or chemicals either in food or beverage; toxins can be absorbed in the digestive tract and then damage essential organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, lungs, heart, and brain. Not all ingestion of toxins is accidental–many chemicals, particularly solvents, insecticides, and Rodent Killing substances can be mixed into food or beverages.

How do toxins damage our bodies?

Toxins, by definition, are harmful to our bodies, but there are many different ways that they can impair normal biological and physiological functions.

  • Toxins displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones
  • Toxins damage the essential organs.
  • Toxins damage DNA synthesis, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration.
  • Toxins modify gene expression, which can lead to cancer.
  • Toxins damage cell membranes so that cells cannot function normally.
  • Toxins interfere with hormones and neurotransmitters to cause deficits in bodily homeostasis.

How to Protect Yourself

  • Even though chemicals we use or are exposed to every day can be toxic, you can protect yourself and your family from chemical exposures.
  • Try to avoid using a toxic substance. If that is not possible, choose products that have less toxic ingredients. For example, water-based paints are generally less toxic than oil-based paints.
  • Wear appropriate protective gloves when handling chemicals. If you use substances that are harmful to breathe (like fiberglass which can lodge in the lungs, or various corrosive substances), use an appropriate mask and eye protection.
  • Before you use a product, read the label carefully and follow the instructions. Pay attention to warnings on the label.
  • If you must use a toxic substance, buy only the amount needed so there will be less material left for storage or disposal.
  • Indoor air can contain chemicals from outside air, soil, or water, so always try to expose yourself to fresh air.

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