Toxicology Test Panels

Toxicology test

How does the toxicology lab test help determine the cause of death?

If a death of a loved one appears to be suspicion or you simply disagree with the cause of death and want a second opinion from a Toxicology Perspective, then a private Toxicology Lab Testing could complement a forensic autopsy.


  • Was your loved one’s tested for Poisoning?
  • Was the toxicology screening handled appropriately?

Private Lab testing can help put those concerns at ease or address any potential inadequacies. There are several questions, but ultimately what you must ask yourself is — “what’s important to me?” One of the most common reasons is simply curiosity or confirmation –


  • How did my loved one pass away?
  • What were his or her medical conditions?
  • Did the Medical Examiner run Toxicology screening for poisoning?

Toxicology Lab Testing can definitively answer some of these questions. Sometimes a Private Lab testing can detect Drugs Overdose that the Medical Examiner couldn’t detect or it was too expensive to run.

We at The Carlson Company could run the most extensive Panels in the industry that could detect poisoning, drugs, chemicals, and toxins, etc… With more than 18 years of experience in Forensic Toxicology Analysis,  we’ll answer your questions and make you aware of your options to hopefully help bring closure to questionable circumstances surrounding the loss of your loved one.

Postmortem Toxicology Test Panels That we offer: