Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

Drug & Alcohol Management Awareness Training

Our training courses are designed to inform employers and employees of the impact drugs and alcohol can have on the workplace. Our training packages can be customized to suit your needs and cover a wide range of topics including:

Education Services

Our education service gives employers and employees a grounded understanding of alcohol and drugs. Employer and employee rights are maintained as a result of educational facilities by ensuring effective communication between all stakeholders.

  • Different types of drugs.
  • Signs and symptoms of drug & or alcohol abuse.
  • The effects of substance abuse can have on the workplace.
  • Legal implications for the employer.
  • The range of sample types and detection windows.
  • How the chain of custody procedures work.
  • The benefits of implementing a substance misuse policy to protect employees and the employer.

Collection Officer & Chain of Custody Training

Collection officer and chain of custody training allows employers to conduct their own sample collections on-site with the same accuracy and precision as the Carlson Company Testing Services collector.

It ensures that the integrity, confidentiality, and traceability of samples are maintained. If employers wish to conduct their own sample collection procedures this form of training is essential.

Our program includes:
  • Methods and procedures used in order to take an employee sample.
  • Details of how to follow the chain of custody procedures.
  • The overall role and responsibilities of a sample collection officer.
  • The preparation stages of collecting a sample on-site.
  • Insights into the different sample types and windows of detection.
  • How to safely transport collected samples.
  • The interpretation of results from the employee.
  • Enhancing legislative knowledge.
  • Providing advice on a workplace drug and alcohol policy.
  • Developing awareness among employees.
  • Providing information on the effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Raising awareness to create a safer working environment for all.