Top 10 Most Dangerous Drugs In The World

Top 10 Drugs Killers

The drugs that will rot your flesh, destroy your vital organs, and turn you into a zombie.

  1. TOBACCO: biggest killer (400,000 deaths/year)
  2. ALCOHOL: most widely abused legal substance
  3. PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: dangerously addictive, rising in popularity
  4. METHAMPHETAMINE: labeled an epidemic problem by the press
  5. MARIJUANA: most widely abused illegal substance
  6. MDMA (ECSTASY): little research on long term effects, still popular
  7. CRACK COCAINE: cheap, destructive, drug-making a comeback
  8. HEROIN: highly addictive drug making a comeback in some areas, see the Heroin Research Report.
  9. STEROIDS: horrible side effects, the toll they’re taking on athletes
  10. INHALANTS: abuse is on the rise among youth again

U.S. health officials are unpacking mortality data amid efforts to better understand the country’s recent surge in drug overdose deaths, and a new report ranks the drugs that are most frequently involved in these fatalities.

47,055 people died from drug overdoses in 2014.
38,329 died from drug overdoses in 2010.