Hair Testing For Drugs

Why Hair Testing?

So why is hair testing their choice?

When you are exposed to Poison, Chemicals, Toxins or Drugs, they are metabolized by the organs in your body and then excreted, usually in urine and usually within just a few days. That is why a Poison test using urine is ineffective. By the time a test is administered—especially if a user prepares for it—most of the poison has been processed by the body and eliminated as the body flushes itself out. Urine is ineffective at detecting usage except in the very recent past.

A hair test is different.

Poisons, Chemicals, Toxins or Drugs are processed by the body trace amounts pass from the blood into a hair follicle. Then as hair grows from the follicle those trace amounts are carried inside the hair shaft. Unlike urine, it remains part of the body. Since it is being carried by the hair as it grows, it establishes a chronological record of exposure. It takes about 30 days for the hair to grow one-half inch. A sample of hair just 1.5 inches long and as big around as a pencil lead gives us a 90-day picture of poison exposure. This exposes two important facts

  • Which poisons were ingested in which amounts
  • How often they were ingested over a period of time

The Carlson Company enables customers to take collected hair samples, analyze them and generate reports on Poison, Chemicals, Toxins or Drugs exposure back as many months as your hair will allow us to ( 1/2 inch equal 30 days: 10-inch hair sample equals 20 months back). And that is why Carlson Company’s hair test for Poisons, chemicals, Toxins or Drugs is so valuable to victims and their families,