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Infidelity DNA Test – Questions to Consider

Infidelity Testing Labs – Alternate Test Sample Collection

Your infidelity test needs should be conducted by our certified DNA laboratory technician, not by using litmus paper or an in-home infidelity test kit. Isn’t this all about the relationship you share with your sexual partner, your mate, or your lover? Considering that your relationship may be at stake its important to secure the very best certified infidelity lab testing information available. Are you ready to find answers to your uncertainty?

Call now for help from understanding professionals who can answer your questions and help you feel comfortable as part of a private adult conversation. Perhaps it is time to bring answers to your uncertainty.

We test suspicious stains related to infidelity for the presence of the other woman or man, e.g. blood, vaginal fluid, hair, DNA, semen, sperm, seminal fluid, saliva, condoms, cosmetics. Something to think about concerning condom usage and DNA traces. Sexual copulation, oral, even manual manipulation of the penis can often leave traces of female saliva and or skin cells on the penis which can be transferred to the man’s underwear. This possibility would also be true for female digital or oral stimulation by the man. The female can experience fluid backflow containing seminal fluid ( with or without sperm cells as in a Vasectomy), male saliva, and male skin cells. Both scenarios can offer potential DNA evidence before or after the use of a condom). Additionally, condoms can leak, break or slip off during sexual activity. 
Why you should insist on The Carlson Company for your Infidelity testing needs
We are ready to serve you NOW! We test suspicious intimate stains, clothing, panties, thongs, underwear, bras, sex aids, hair, condoms, vibrators, pubic hair, restraints, bedding items and for the genetic DNA presence of a woman or man. The testing and sample choice is always yours.
  • “Cutting Edge” infidelity test sample evaluations
  • FREE real person client care by email or phone M-T 9 AM – 5 PM MST
  • We check our emails and voice messages on a regular basis
  • E-Z, private, sample submission by mail
  • Protecting our client’s privacy is our mandate
  • Use an anonymous name if you wish
  • We are members of the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau
  • Many of our clients are private individuals but we also serve law enforcement, attorneys, the military, medical examiners, the government, anyone in need of our services
  • We do not require a doctor’s referral or prescription
  • We test infidelity samples from other labs if requested
  • Your test samples can be submitted by mail from anywhere in the world
  • 10-12 business day test report turnaround time most cases with express service available
  • Ph.D. Expert Witness support is available when requested.

The idea that both sexual partners have identical levels of sexual satisfaction sounds great but this identical satisfaction level between partners is seldom the case. Often times couples do not discover their respective levels.

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How to collect an infidelity stain using an alternate test sample.

1. The preferred infidelity test sample is the article of clothing that you suspect. This is our first choice. We realize that it can be difficult to submit the actual test item for fear that you will be discovered. Please review second and third sample choices for test sample submission below.

2. The second infidelity test sample choice would consist of the dried stain being extracted from the article of clothing or sexual stimulation device. This should be done using a sterilized razor blade or knife that has been passed through a flame. Carefully scrape the dried deposit into a clean plastic bag or envelope with the seams taped to prevent leakage.

3. The third method for collecting an infidelity test sample is by using dampened, cotton Q-Tip swabs. Using spring water, sports water, distilled water, any type of water that is chlorine free plus four (4) Cotton Q-Tip. Dip each Q-Tip into the water and then shake out excess water. Carefully, but firmly, roll each swab repeatedly on the depositor stain area. Allow the Q-Tips to air dry for 30-45 minutes. Place the Q-Tips in a clean, white, mailing, envelope.

If you are submitting with Chain of Custody Form, first seal the envelope flap and then place tape (masking, duct) over the sealed flap and have a witness sign their name, date, and time when the envelope was sealed on the tape. This step initiates Chain of Custody. Not sure about Chain of Custody, click the link and review. Submitting a completed Chain of Custody form is not required for testing but recommended. You may prefer submitting a Non Chain of Custody or Private Test form instead, the choice is yours.

Test Sample Retention Policy

Infidelity DNA Testing by Mail – Seminal Fluid, Ejaculate, Sperm, Vaginal Fluid, Saliva, Lubricants, Condoms, Make up

Your infidelity testing is conducted by our certified, credentialed, DNA lab.

We serve the heterosexual, homosexual, and sexual cross-over communities

Conforming with strict Chain of Custody regarding infidelity sample collection and submission may be sustainable in a court of law. At home infidelity, test kits generate a semen indicator. This type of infidelity test result is “presumptive,” not confirmatory.
So-called “at home infidelity” semen detection PSA (prostate-specific antigen) indicator kits are advertised everywhere. Although we do not offer an instant, presumptive, home infidelity test kits we do offer confirmatory infidelity testing with DNA support to all of our clients. Our infidelity evaluation includes microscopy for sperm cell detection plus DNA identity extraction (single or multiple profiles) upon our client’s request. We also offer two (2) other infidelity sample evaluations. The first called, “the presence of a woman,” DNA extraction and the second which tests for the presence of saliva which could be from a male or female contributor. Our test report can be supportable in a court of law. We support our infidelity test result with Ph.D. level expert witness service upon request. Applicable fees for this service are established on a case by case basis.
Would you agree that your relationship is important enough to be sure about potential infidelity rather than relying on the result of a presumptive at home infidelity test kit? We think you’ll agree.
Always remember, at home infidelity test kits are presumptive, not confirmatory. If your relationship means a lot to you and we believe it does then call us now and be sure with our DNA confirmation infidelity testing. The fact that an infidelity home test kit result is presumptive would render its indicated result difficult to defend in court. The presiding case judge will render a decision. Infidelity testing whether done at home or in a DNA lab is hard to defend in a court of law if submitted test samples lack compliance with strict Chain of Custody sample submission. When the victim of the alleged infidelity is handling the evidence from the suspect, providing solid proof in a court of law can be most difficult.

Should you submit a Chain of Custody form with your test sample?

We recommend that you always submit this form with your test sample. The completed Chain of Custody form can be of forensic (legal) significance should the test result support the presence of another man or woman.

We are here to serve you and we thank our many clients for the trust they have bestowed upon us in meeting their infidelity testing labs needs
Do you suspect sexual infidelity in your relationship?
Sexual infidelity is a serious problem that undermines many heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual relationships, married, single, engaged, committed or not. Infidelity is blamed as the likely cause of divorce for about 70% of all marriages or social unions. We suspect that infidelity commands similar statistics regarding the break up of heterosexual and homosexual relationships prior to a union or marriage. The statistics showing the effects of sexual infidelity on non or pre-marital relationships are assumed to be substantial although data is not readily available to support this comment. Sex experts estimate that 60% of married husbands and 40 % of married wives engage in extramarital sex (infidelity) at some point in their marriage. Here is another interesting statistic. Married women or single women, heterosexual or homosexual, involved in a sexual relationship who suspect their male or female partner of being engaged in a third party sexual relationship are right in their suspicion about 80% of the time. Likewise, men single or married, heterosexual or homosexual who suspect their male or female partner of being engaged in a third party sexual relationship are right about 50% of the time.
Homosexual Infidelity Evaluations
Infidelity can present relationship problems for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. We offer infidelity testing services to members of any sexual orientation, heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. We welcome your questions by or phone toll-free at 1-866-889-3410.
Cotton vs. Nylon Undergarment Materials and Semen Detection
A study published in the Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal in 2003 evaluated the effect of laundering in a standard washing machine on the ability to recover semen indicators and DNA from cotton and nylon undergarments. The results of this study showed that semen stains on laundered cotton undergarments tested positive for PSA and negative for acid phosphates, both presumptive indicators for the presence of semen. These undergarments retained approximately 43% of the DNA originally deposited and yielded complete DNA profiles. In contrast, nylon undergarments tested negative for both PSA and acid phosphates and retained less than 1% of the deposited DNA and did not always yield DNA profiles. The results of this study illustrate the importance of using private DNA testing services when evaluating cases of infidelity, as the presence of presumptive semen indicators may be reflective of a previous sexual event with the known partner.
Likely infidelity test samples might include men’s or women’s’ underwear, suspicious stains, dried fluid deposits, clothing items, condoms, lubricants and warming lotions, deposits on bedding, carpet, furniture, automobile upholstery, sexual aids or genital stimulation devices, hair strands with follicles attached and more.
Do you suspect infidelity in your bisexual relationship?
Bisexual orientation refers to the aesthetic, romantic, or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of either gender or sex. Most bisexuals are not equally attracted to men and women. In the mid-1950s, Alfred Kinsey devised the Kinsey scale in an attempt to measure sexual orientation. The 7 point scale has a rating of 0 (“exclusively heterosexual”) to 6 (“exclusively homosexual”). Bisexuals cover most of the scales’ values (1-5) which ranges between “predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual” (1) to “predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual” (5). In the middle of the scale (3) is “equally heterosexual and homosexual”.
If you suspect one of these infidelity scenarios is affecting your relationship let us know. We can provide the appropriate testing evaluations to help sort out the possibilities and hopefully reduce your uncertainty.
What is the difference between Semen and Sperm?
Semen or seminal fluid, the male ejaculate, is an organic, viscous fluid that usually contains spermatozoa or sperm cells. Semen ejaculated by males who have had an effective vasectomy procedure do not customarily contain sperm cells thus the purpose of a vasectomy. The absence of or low count of sperm cells in the seminal fluid can also be affected by interim or long term health problems or by other permanent physiological deterrents belonging to the reproductive system of the donor.


Sperm or spermatozoa are genetic cells found in the seminal fluid of most healthy males who have not undergone an effective vasectomy procedure or who do not suffer from physiological deterrents related to their reproductive system. Sperm cells carry an identifiable, genetic, DNA profile. Seminal fluid is generated by the gonads, also called testes. Seminal fluid can be ejaculated with or without sperm cells being present

Vaginal Lubrication
A lubricating fluid that is naturally produced in a woman’s vagina. Vaginal lubrication or moistness is normally present at all times, but production increases significantly during a woman’s sexual arousal in anticipation of sexual intercourse. The vaginal fluid contains genetic DNA markers which can be extracted to support female presence.
Female Infidelity With a Male Partner?
The presence of stains on female undergarments can be a possible indicator of sexual infidelity. During and after sexual activity, skin cells, saliva, semen can be deposited on undergarments, panties, bed sheets, clothing, upholstery, and other surfaces. Sperm cells can reside in the vagina for up to five days following intercourse and can be identifiable for years as a dried, unwashed, stain. Semen cells and seminal fluid can flow back from the vagina for three (3) to five (5) days depending on the woman’s personal hygiene habits. Always remember that self or assisted masturbation and oral copulation can also be a consideration. Oral sex can provide a mixture of saliva or seminal fluids depending on the sexual preferences of the participants which may present with an extractable DNA profile. Many times sexual participants are depositing DNA evidence unknowingly. DNA is often a source of evidence which supports the sexual activity of all types. DNA can also be extracted from sexual stimulation toys or devices.
Male Infidelity with a Female Partner?
The presence of stains on male undergarments can be an indicator of sexual infidelity with a female. Natural staining of male undergarments can be caused by urine, urinary tract infections, a variety of fluids deposited on the penis during vaginal or oral stimulation and then deposited on the underwear. Again, sperm cells and seminal fluid, the natural carrier fluid for the sperm cells, can be identifiable for years as a dried, unwashed, stain. Cotton fabrics or cotton based fabrics tend to retain these types of stains and identifiers better than nylon materials when washed. Perhaps the male has had a vasectomy. Little if any sperm is ejaculated, only the seminal fluid. Oral sex can provide a mixture of saliva and vaginal or seminal fluids depending on the sex of the participants which may present with an extractable DNA profile.
Sorting out the sperm or vaginal fluid donor from an assumed third-party sexual partner
Assuming the preliminary testing yields semen cells it may be possible using DNA extraction techniques to establish who the sperm cells belong to or better said to see if they belong to you. DNA extraction and profile can compare your reference sample against the profile of the third party donor. This will not provide you with the name and address of the third party sexual partner but will tell you if your partner participated in sexual infidelity. We suggest that we evaluate your sample for male or female fluids. The results of these evaluations will help you decide if you wish to move to the next level of testing which is DNA extraction.
Sex Toys and DNA Evidence
As you likely know many men and women of all ages employ a variety of sex toys for genital stimulation to heighten their sexual pleasure. Often times, for a number of reasons, sex toys actually aid in the reaching of a climax or an elevated level of climax for the user. These sex toys will often present with semen, sperm, and semen, saliva, or vaginal secretions. Some samples will present with extractable DNA profiles which we can hopefully sort out and possibly determine who or how many parties may have been involved. Consider testing likely sex toys since they are suitable DNA test samples from any of the likely participants should you suspect someone or multiple sex toy participants.
Kinsey’s survey found that almost 40% of men and 30% of women in relationships masturbated. A study of Playboy readers found that 72% of married men masturbated, and a study of Red book readers found that 68% of married women masturbated. ” Masturbation is considered to be a normal sexual function for both males and females married or not. One of the more prominent reasons in support of masturbation is that the masturbating party has a higher level of sexual satisfaction than their sexual partner or they do not have any partner. Simply said, perhaps no one knows us better than our selves. Personal intimacy takes away the inhibitions which often accompany partnered sex.
Call us now toll-free at 1-866-889-3410 or send an email if you believe that an intimate garment stain may point to sexual infidelity in your relationship. Now is the time to find answers and alleviate your uncertainty. We’ll be glad to answer your questions in a private, discretionary, manner. We’ll get you started with the information you need regarding your sample submission and explain the lab evaluation process to you.
Receive a certified Infidelity lab report in about 7 business days, most cases. Court admissible with Chain of Custody but not required for testing purposes.
Always remember, the results of our lab testing is directly related to the integrity of the sample you submit. Occasionally, samples present as neutral, in other words, the testing results are inconclusive. You may need to submit a follow-up sample at a future date. We do our very best to give your sample a professional lab evaluation that will yield accurate results that you can rely on. We can only report what we find.
*Average certified test result turn around time, 5-7 business days, most cases. We also offer an express service.
*Our test reports are court supportable when using strict Chain of Custody sample collection procedures. Just a few comments from our many clients that you may find as interesting reads.


Hi Denny, I must tell you that I was very concerned and extremely uncomfortable about calling your office let alone discussing suspected infidelity concerns regarding my husband. I must say I was pleasantly surprised even though you, a strange man, answered the phone. You were E-Z to talk to, very knowledgeable, and I really appreciated your concern. Your demeanor was always professional and you provided answers I needed. I’m so glad I called you. Your client service is the best. Finding answers to my infidelity concerns from the privacy of my home was E-Z, just a call to you and submission of my test sample by mail. The submitted the test sample by mail. The test results were returned to me by email in about five( 5) business days. What’s not to like? I’ll tell my friends about you. Keep up the great work. Cynthia – Ft. Worth, TX

Denny, I wish I had found your company a long time ago. I was always wondering about my wife. Thanks to you and your infidelity testing services my uncertainties have been put to rest. Steve -Paris, France

Hello Denny, I wanted to let you know that after ending my call with you I was amazed at the depth of our conversation regarding very intimate matters. You helped me feel comfortable while I told you about my problems and concerns. All aspects of my requested infidelity testing with your company was handled with professionalism and discretion. I told my best friend Stephanie about The Carlson Company. I think she will be calling you soon. I also told her to say hello to you for me. Take care! Kimberly – Anaheim, CA

Dear Carlson Company, I was one of those who wasted my money on a “quickie” infidelity test kit. I was ready to divorce my wife until your certified test report cleared my wife of any infidelity. I may have lost $50.00 bucks on the “quickie” kit but my wife and I are still together. I can’t thank you enough for saving my marriage. Saving my marriage was of utmost importance. Thank you again! Antonio – Seattle, WA

To whom it may concern, Thank you for your prompt email report regarding my requested infidelity test on my wife’s thong. I knew she was stepping out on me. Don’t bother sending the thong back, she won’t be wearing this one anymore. She may miss her thong but I sure won’t miss her. T.J.- Salt Lake City, UT

Hello Carlson Company, Wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with your certified infidelity report. It took me a while to find you on the net but the wait and effort were well worth the time. Knowing that my boyfriend has been faithful to me made my day and possibly my life.. Please keep up the good work! Sally- Kansas City, KS

Hi Denny, This is Jennifer. I was blown away when your test report indicated that my now former husband was involved in group sex. So much for fidelity in marriage. I’m moving on with my life now and thanks for getting things back on track. I’ve told a few of my friends about your testing services. Jennifer – Bowling Green, OH

Denny, I finally figured out my girlfriend’s extracurricular sexual activities. Your report told all. While I was away making a living she was making it with my neighbor’s husband. I know she is smoking hot and I guess I can’t blame him for wanting to do her but my gal should have said no. I confronted her and she did admit it. She is gone now and I’m alone. If you are wondering about the husband he and his wife are still together. Ben – Scranton. PA

A word of caution: When you request an infidelity sample test be sure to provide a “SAFE” phone number, email, and/or postal mailing address for communication purposes and for test results and sample return (if desired). We do not want to alert the other half of your relationship regarding your infidelity concerns and test sample submission.