7 Ways Through Drugs and Alcohol can Affect Your Body

7 ways through drugs and alcohol can affect your body

On this page, you’ll find about 7 common bad effects of consuming drugs and drinking alcohol such as cancer, road accidents, organ failure and many more.

Drugs and Alcohol are chemicals that people use to give them pleasant or exciting feelings. It is illegal in many countries to consume Drugs And Alcohol. Alcoholism is a specific term referring to addiction to alcohol, while drug addiction indicates a generalised condition where one can be addicted to any substance, drugs come from different sources like plants, processed plant products, synthetic chemicals and alcohol made when yeast ferments the sugars in grains, fruits and vegetables.

Here are 7 ways through which drugs and alcohol can affect your body:


  1. CancerAlcohol and Drugs can increase the levels of some hormones such as estrogen and insulin. Hormones are chemical messengers and higher levels can make cells divide more often, which raises the risk of many types of cancer such as Lungs Cancer and Liver Cancer.(source)
  2. Lose Mental Ability – There is a higher chance of losing mental ability such as mental illness, depression, suicide, death, anxiety, psychic disorder, rape and depression.
  3. Mouth and stomach problems – Using drugs and drinking alcohol can cause you some mouth and stomach problems such as bad breathing, teeth cavities, gum disease, liver damage, vomiting, low-body temperature and so on. (source)
  4. Harmful for Your Organs & Body – We all know that consuming Drugs and drinking Alcohol is dangerous for our body. It can harm our organs such as the throat, stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, heart, brain and nervous system in the long term.
  5. Weakens Your Immune System – Drinking alcohol and having drugs can make your immune system weaker day by day and make your body much easier target for diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. (source)
  6. Road and Other Accidents – In a survey of WHO approximately 1.3 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes every day more than 3700 people are killed globally and most of the time the drivers are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. (source)
  7. Infectious DiseasesThe latest causal relationships have been established between harmful drinking and the incidence of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis as well as the course of HIV/AIDS and much more. (source)


As you can see above, all these are the damages caused by alcohol and drugs and how bad they can affect your life. If you want to know more about these then you can contact us on our website and if you want to control your drinking habits, know more about drug & alcohol management awareness training.