GHB Drug Test

GHB drug test

GHB Drug Test To Diagnose Overdose

The number of students and teens dying due to GHB drug overdose is increasing day by day. You can check it with any forensic company that takes GHB Drug Test. You can find this drug at rave parties and is also known as a club drug.

GHB is a clear liquid that is sometimes taken in water, but because of its salty taste, it is commonly mixed in fruity or very sweet mixtures to mask the taste. Individuals that use the drug are at risk for drug abuse and addiction. Excess use of this drug can cause several problems to the user like nausea, vomiting, irritation, dizziness, breathing problems, hallucinations, coma, and even death.

GHB drug is highly addictive and creates an urge of having it more in large quantity and more frequent. It’s higher dosage can cause Deaths, cases have been detected at forensics with the help of GHB drug test that confirms the death of a person due to  GHB overdose.  Prior diagnosis can help in proper treatment to reduce the addiction, a rehab treatment program enrollment can help you in rebuilding your life with a direction and a dream.