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Forensic Lab Testing (Court Admissable)

Forensic Lab Testing
Forensic evidence testing pertains to, is connected with, or used in our nations courts in conjunction with civil or criminal litigation. We offer full service forensic lab testing sample evaluations including samples related to forensics DNA analysis, testing for the presence of toxins, poisons, heavy metals, and unknowns. We also provide expert opinions and testimony regarding courtroom testimony. We always recommend a Chain of Custody sample collection and submission to all of our clients to protect the integrity of submitted test samples. All of our certified testing results is supported with Expert Witness services which is offered with an additional retainer charge. Express service is available upon request.
Receive a certified Toxicology lab report – Court admissible with Chain of Custody Contact us!
Our unknown chemical/toxin and heavy metals evaluation scans a test sample using GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) following pretesting preparations. The detected results of the GC/MS data is then compared against the Mass Spectral Libraries data. The principal mass spectrometry database is the Wiley/NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology), which contains Mass Spectral data for over 500,000 chemicals.Learn more about us on YOUTUBE
Below is a short list of some of the toxins and poisons we have detected in a variety of specimen types rand testing protocols related to alleged poisoning cases.
Pesticides / Herbicides Rodenticides / Poisons Volatiles (if applicable)
Alachor Brodifiacoum Methanol
Atrazine Coumarin Ethanol
y_BHC 7-Hydroxycoumarin Acetone
Bromicil Chlorphacinone Isopropanol
Carboxin Difenacoum Toluene
Cyanazine Strychnine Benzene
N, N-Diethyltoluamide Warfarin Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Diazanon Arsenic Hexane
Disulfoton Diphacinone Ethyl Acetate
Endrin Butyl Chloride
Fenamiphos Disinfectant Cleaners Chloroform
Heptachlor Epoxide Chlorophene Methylene Chloride
Hexachlorobenzene O-Hydroxybiphenyl Dichloromethane
Merphos Ethylene Glycol (anti freeze)
Methoxychlor Plasticizers
Metolachior Bisphenol A Heavy Metals
Permethrin (isomers) Melamine Arsenic
Terbufos Cyanuric Acid Cadmium
Trifluralin Chromium
Fipronil Lead
The common names, if any, for the above listed compounds and elements may not be shown. We suggest that you visit to learn more.
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Infidelity Date Rape Drugs Postmortem
Poisoning/Heavy Metals Expert Witness Services Cremains
Inmate DNA Testing Heavy Metals Paternity Seminal Fluid/Sperm Cell Detection
Presence of a Woman DNA Chain of Custody Form Hair Strand Testing
*Estimated certified test res turn around time, 12-14 business days, most cases. Contact us!
*Our test reports are court supportable when using strict Chain of Custody sample collection procedures.
Forensic and non-forensic testing services that we offer.
Toxins DNA Identity Rape DNA/Semen Postmortem Forensic Samples Date Rape Drugs Heavy Metals
Sex Toys/DNA Vaginal Fluid Det. Infidelity Test for Unknowns Pill/Capsule I.D. Hair Toxins
Hair Segmentation Recreational Drugs Saliva Detection Unknown powder, liquid DNA Extraction Expert Witness
Paternity Alleged Poisoning Poisoning in Foods Hair Samples, Fingernails, Urine Drug Testing Cremains (bone slivers)
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