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Control Drug Testing – Date, Rave, Recreational, GHB, Roofies, Molly (Ecstacy), Scopolamine

Control drug Testing – date, rave, recreational, and street drug testing – GHB, Roofies, Molly (Ecstacy) and more. A single drug or group of drugs can control your physical and/or emotional response.

We offer certified toxicology lab testing for Date Drugs (37) plus DFSA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault) synthetic drug testing.

Please note that the effects of these drugs, when combined with ingested alcohol, can be amplified.

Below you will find a list of the drugs we can detect. We test hair & blood for drug use, your hair strand or blood sample can be an acceptable test sample which you can submit for testing by mail. Please allow at least thirty (30) days to pass following the incident date or dates before collecting your hair strand test sample. We can also test your urine sample if collected within three (3) days of the event date. Be sure to review and submit either a Private or Chain of Custody test form with your test sample.

***We strongly recommend that you order both evaluations, the 37 date/control drugs plus the DFSA synthetic drug panel since we find these two groups as popular, representative, drug groups at this time.

Date/Control Drugs (37)

Barbiturates – Amobarbital, Butalbital, Phenobarbital, Secobarbital.

Benzodiapizines – GHB, Xanaz, Klonipin, Valium, Rohypol, Alepam, Alodorm, Lorapam, Restoril,

Opioids – Codeine, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Palladone, Oxycodone, Opana, Demerol, Methadone, Fentanyl, Propoxyphene, Buprenorphine,

Sedatives/Hypnotics – Quaaludes, Ambien, Lunestra, Ketamine.

Over-the-counter Drugs – Benadryl, Unisom, Phenergan, Pheniramine, Dextromethorphan, DX/DXM, Chlortrimetron.

Muscle Relaxants – Soma, Flexeril, Meprobamate, Robaxin,

Hallucinogens – MDMA – Ecstacy (Molly), PCP (Angel Dust), MDA ( Sass) MDEA

Any of these drugs can cause time lapse, loss of memory, loss of self-control, compromised will power, blackout periods, a feeling of helplessness and many other similar symptoms.

Testing for the thirty-seven (37) date drugs listed above should also include testing for DFSA Synthetic Drugs as shown below. We strongly recommend both evaluations but the choice is always yours.


DFSA (Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault) Synthetic Drugs – An additional add-on testing evaluation if your body, mind, or both, may have been held hostage by a synthetic drug or drugs. We strongly recommend ordering the DFSA drug evaluation when you order the thirty-seven (37) date drug evaluation.

Lithium – Mood enhancer, Tri-Cyclic anti-depressants – mood alteration.

Bath Salts (so-called) – terminology used to describe drugs which contain carthinanes which can produce an amphetamine or cocaine like state.

Cannabinoids – Synthetic THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol). This drug is much more dangerous than Marijuana THC.

Scopolamine – Extracted from the Burundanga plant. The street name is called, “touch,” “devils breath” or “contact” drug often passed on the surface of a business card or other suitable contact surface.

Synthetic Cannabis – Considered to be a “psychoactive designer drug.” This drug is created by spraying various, natural, herbs with synthetic, man-made chemicals. This type of drug when consumed mimics the effects of Cannabis. Common street names might include K-2, Spice, and many others. The list seems to grow almost daily.


The two major drug groups shown above, the 37 date drug and DFSA synthetic, considers detection related to listed drugs only. There may be other unknown drugs that are not considered that may have victimized you. Click the link above to view additional drugs that we can also evaluate for.

We would be glad to discuss your case and answer your questions. Call us now toll-free at 1-866-889-3410 (9-5 M-T MST).