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Client comments about The Carlson Company Inc

  • Providing certified, confidential, private, toxicology and DNA lab testing services to meet your specific needs
  • No doctor’s referral required
  • Convenient by mail test sample submission
  • Keep your identity anonymous when Chain of Custody is not a consideration

Our client’s comments

Your problems and needs are unique to you but often are very similar to the problems of our clients mentioned below. They were the smart ones. They took the first step and called us. Things began to happen and solutions to their testing problems were resolved. Placing your head back in the sand will not bring closure to your problem. You owe it to yourself to get an answer now and get on with your life. No one will take the first step for you so what are you waiting for?
This page reflects continuous additions of comments from our clients which we have received by email, phone and snail mail. Their comments below have been freely offered and very appreciated. Our clients share in the success of our business and we sincerely appreciate their comments whether good or bad.
Hi Denny,I must tell you that I was very concerned and extremely uncomfortable about calling your office let alone discussing suspected infidelity concerns regarding my husband. I must say I was pleasantly surprised even though you, a strange man, answered the phone. You were nice to talk to and I appreciated your concern. Your demeanor was always professional and you provided answers to my questions. I’m so glad I called you. Your client service is the best. Finding answers to my infidelity concerns from the privacy of my home was E-Z, just a call to you and submission of my test sample by mail. What’s not to like? I’ll tell my friends about you.

Gabriela – Ft. Worth,TX

Denny, I can’t thank you enough for your help for your guidance and suggestions related to my father’s cremains testing. I was feeling totally lost until I called your office. You answered my questions and instilled confidence in me so that I could proceed with my testing needs related to my father’s passing. I was so pleased with your phone response whenever I had a question or concern. It seemed like you were always there whenever I needed support. Your customer service is outstanding!Just Me!

Connie – Columbus, OH

Toll free number? Open seven (7) days a week? Talk to a real person? Professional business service in all respects? Why would I not do business with the Carlson Company and their G.M Denny (forgot his last name)? I could place a list here about any number of companies both large and small who should follow the business example of The Carlson Company. Keep up the good work.

Andrew – Toronto, ON

Thank you Denny for everything! Your company is so professional, always very helpful, quick service, the best!

Sheila – Pocatello, ID

Just a quick email to let you know that at first I was a little miffed with your services. I later found out that I did not understand the steps involved with immigration DNA testing and the U.S. Consulate service even though you explained them to me a number of times. Just the same my two daughters are here with me now in the U.S. and safe from the political turmoil in Africa. I will tell my friends about you. Thank you so much and god bless.

Dansi – Denver, CO

The qualities I appreciate most when dealing with The Carlson Company would include one on one live person customer service. No frustrating, convoluted, time wasting, phone call routing systems to put up with. Their testing accuracy and great turn around time for test results was truly the icing on the cake.

Megan – Washington, DC

We went with The Carlson Company for our testing needs simply because they provide prompt live person service, answers to our questions, with great turn around time regarding testing results. We were delighted with the 7-10 day test results turn around time plus an option for express service, 3-5 day tat that’s available. Since the beginning of our business relationship with The Carlson Company they have always gone out of their way to meet our certified testing needs, answered our questions and provided the level of service and expertise that we expected as their client.

James – New York, NY

Denny, I was impressed with the great customer service not to mention the super turn around time for our forensic case in Chicago. Keep up the good work.

Lenny, your favorite defense lawyer – Chicago, IL

Would someone tell me why our local prosecutors office and law enforcement agencies endure the long, long, wait for forensic evidence testing, evaluations, and reports to be issued by the state lab? Your people returned a very accurate, court sustainable, report to us in less than ten (10) business days. I’ll tell other prosecutors about the efficiency of your lab work.

Franklin – Seattle, WA

I wish I had known about your DNA testing services a long time ago. Thank goodness I am aware of them now. I was particularly impressed with your professional level of service, your answers to my questions as well as your Expert Witness support services. I’ll be calling The Carlson Company again.

Maryanne – Public Defenders Office – Miami, FL

Hello Carlson Company – Thank you so much for sorting out and assisting us with our Chain of Custody paternity testing needs. Your service is very professional and we appreciate the accuracy and quick turn around time regarding our paternity test results.

Charlene – Austin, TX

Hello, we needed answers and you provided those. We are so pleased that our grandson is in fact ours just as your DNA testing certified.

Paul and Penny – Colorado Springs, CO

Denny, I can’t tell you how glad I was to find out that your infidelity testing showed that my wife was not having an affair.

Karl – Fayetteville, NC

Denny, If I had only known that I could have a professional such as you answer the list of very private questions I asked regarding the death of my mother and a potential poisoning I would have called much sooner. Thank you so much!

Karla – San Diego

I had no idea that so much information about drugs, toxins, poisons and heavy metals could be extracted from testing my hair sample. Thank you for the quick and great service you offer.

Jasmine – Vienna, Austria

My mother is gone, rest her soul, but thank you for the post mortem tissue evaluation and your findings.

Rodney – Denver, CO

As an attorney I must commend you on the accuracy and excellence associated with your lab testing services. The next time we need forensic testing services The Carlson Company will be are first call.

Reginald – Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for testing my dog’s food that I thought our neighbor had tampered with. I feel that my pet is safer now.

Julie – Ft. Collins, CO

Our certified lab testing services include but are not limited to
Certified Cremains DNA testing Post Mortem DNA, Cremains HM Expert Witness Services
Post- mortem certified testing.Autopsy, hair strands, blood, organsections, pre- mortem hospital blood, urine, biopsy samles. Infidelity Testing for Heterosexual and Homosexual Couples Hair / urine/rave Street Drug Testing
Hair Testing for Nutrients, Toxins, Poisons, Heavy Metals Poison added to food or drink – Call us! DNA – Cremains – Bones -Teeth – Autopsy – Call us!
DNA Extractions/Profiles – Private – Forensic Date Rape Drug Detection, Hair, Urine Siblingship DNA Evaluations
Serving You / Attorneys and Clients / The U.S.Consulate Service / Business / Law Enforcement / Government / Military
Denny, GREAT WORK! You’ve done a hell of a job for one of our most important clients regarding their water testing needs.

Robert – Chicago, IL

What can I say. Now I can sleep at night knowing that the man I have called, “Father”, for the past 13 years is in fact my natural, father. Thank you for your DNA paternity testing services.

Brandy – SLC, UT

Thank you for assisting me with bringing my three kids to the USA. I had not seen any of them for more than five years. I did not know how to proceed with the DNA testing requirements from The U.S. Consulate in Africa. Your help, patience, and professionalism brought them to me. I tell all of my other African friends about your company when they are ready to be reunited with their wife, mothers, fathers, kids and any relatives.Thanks Denny!

Gazai, originally from Ethiopia whose happy family is now residing in Brooklyn, NY

My wife and children can not thank you enough for your immigration DNA paternity testing services.

Abey – Manhattan, NY

Thank you so much! That’s all I can say.

Denise – Anchorage, AK

I definitely came to the right place for the forensic test work I needed right away for the court. You sure do beat the hell out of the law enforcement services and their get it done someday attitude.

Matt, the private investigator, you know where

Denny, Thank you for the super work on the poison samples we submitted for testing. The results was back to us in a very timely manner and we’ll use you again.

County Correctional Facility, AL

We sure do appreciate your assistance with providing an expert witness in support of your toxin test lab findings. Keep up the good work!

Sheila – Albany, NY

Denny, I’m impressed with the accuracy of your siblingship testing and very pleased with the results. Now I know that the gentleman I have spent many years with is my full brother. I should have a called The Carlson Company years ago.

Jimmy – Montreal, Quebec Canada

When you explained the good and the bad about DNA and toxic testing cremains my choice was clear. I really appreciate your professionalism and I’ll tell my friends about your company. I wish you well!

Nikki – Hong Kong, China

Dear Carlson Company, I felt very stupid about calling you to discuss my very personal problem. After talking to you for a few moments you convinced me that my call was for a very valid reason and that you can assist me with my problem. Thanks for making the process simple.

Ginny – Toronto, CAN

Hello Denny, I and my daughter Chelsea can’t thank you enough for helping us confront my wife regarding her frequent acts of infidelity. We can now move on.

Salvatore – Brooklyn, NY

Denny, This is Katy. I would have never thought that your DNA testing regarding infidelity would prove my husband had been stepping out on me Keep up the GREAT WORK! F.Y.I.- I’ll tell my friends about your services and by the way my husband is history

Katy – Colorado Springs, CO

Hello Carlson Company, Now I know why my daughter’s school grades and attitude were slipping. I’m so glad we had you test her hair. Thanks to you my husband and I can plan and execute a course of action to help our daughter get back on track

Maxine – Gainesville, FL

Hello Denny, Just a brief email to thank you for the test work that you conducted on the unknown capsules that my son brought on the Internet. As a single parent I need all of the help I can get! I can assure you that my 14 yr. old son and I had a serious, sit down, heart to heart, talk.

Richard – Seattle, WA

Dear Carlson Company, We just wanted to tell you that although the test results was not to our liking we thank you for the high degree of accuracy and for bringing some closure regarding our father’s passing. Your customer service is second to none, keep up the good work.

Bonnie and Bret – Sarasota, FL

By mail discreet certified lab testing, what a concept and so E-Z to do from the privacy of my home.

Charles – Montreal, QB

Denny, I can’t thank you enough for sorting out a date rape drug incident involving my 16 year old daughter.

Conrad – Reykjavik, Iceland

Hello Carlson Company. Thank you for your assistance with the immigration Visa for my son from Pakistan.

Brazil – San Diego, CA

Denny, Thanks to your testing efforts we have caught up with a suspected child molester.

Sherrie – Vancouver, B.C.

I had heard about date rape drugs but thought it would never happen to me. One Friday night I was pretty sure that I was victimized with a date drug by a sexual predator while partying at my favorite club. Your lab test results showed that I had ingested GHB. I’ll definitely keep my eye on my drinks from now on. Thanks again for your great customer service, answers to my questions, and the quick return of my test results.

Charlene – Boulder, CO

Denny, thank you so much for verifying the fact that the urned cremains I received from our local crematorium did in fact match with the DNA hair follicle samples belonging to my brother which I submitted for comparison testing. I did not realize that DNA testing of cremains could be conducted but glad it can be.

Your friend, Christopher – Emporia, KS

Our friends and clients above reached out for help. Take your first step now and resolve your uncertainties!


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