5 Reasons You Must Have A Pill Finder with You

Pill Finder

During your lifetime, you are bound to have a number of pills for any reason. But carrying prescriptions, and remembering names and dosages can be hard. What if you had a pill finder application that could help you at the pharmacist’s get what you need? Pill identifier apps can prove to be a great help in cases of emergency where you don’t have the needed information available.

Here are 5 more reasons why you should have a pill identifier along with you:

  1. No More Pill Boxes: Most people are used to arranging their pills in day-wise pillboxes. Not only is that troublesome but can also become a problem when you forget which pill is what. Once the pill is out of the bottle, you may have a chance to forget what the pill is for. A pill finder will help you segregate them as per their use. 
  1. Easier Shopping: Medicine shopping is already a task with all those prescriptions, names, and dosages hold on to. Most of the time it seems impossible to remember everything, especially when it comes to medicines. A pill identifier can come in handy in such situations. Especially if you have changed a doctor or pharmacist and the documents are misplaced or lost in the transfer process. A pill finder will help your pharmacist or doctor understand your medical history and continue the medications accordingly. 
  1. Times of Emergency: In times of medical emergency, it is possible that you won’t be in a condition to communicate. A pill finder can help paramedics and others around you to see what medications you are on, understand your condition, and then help you without any trouble. 
  1. Help in Remembering: There are times when we forget about our medications. In case you are consulting a professional, it is important that you give them detailed information on what medications you are on. If you have trouble remembering all those medicines, you can always go to a pill finder application and review your medication.
  1. No Space for Mistakes: Mistakes can happen from your doctor or pharmacist. To err is human after all. But that shouldn’t have you suffer in the long run. A pill finder can help you avoid such situations. Pill identifiers can help you make sure that your pharmacist has given you the medication prescribed by the doctor.

While it may not look like a big deal at times, many times human mistakes can be rectified with the help of pill finder applications. It is a definite must-have to make sure that your medication routine is on point and nothing is messed up on the way.

Pill Identification – Having Trouble Identifying Your Pills?

There’s a good chance that our Pill Identification Wizard (Pill Finder) can help you match the imprint, size, shape, or colour and lead you to the detailed description in our drug database.

We offer two options in identifying Pill or Prescription:

  1. We can rule out any Drugs, Chemicals, Toxins, or substances by running any of the panels that we offer.
  2. Or we can do a complete analysis and chemical study on the Pill.

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